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Admiral Blake Museum Bridgwater in England

.      Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Tel: 44(0) 1278 456127

From the earliest settlements in the Archaeology Gallery to the hustle and bustle of the port, and from the drama of the Monmouth Rebellion to the glamour of Bridgwater s annual Carnival there is plenty to interest the whole family. Blake Museum is located in the heart of Bridgwater, an historic market town and port, first mentioned as Brugie in the Domesday Book of 1086. The Museum was first opened to the public in 1926 and is housed in the former Blake House, the 17th Century home of the Blake Family in Bridgwater. It is supposed that Robert Blake, the town's most famous citizen, was born in the house in 1598. Blake became a national hero in the mid-17th century following his exploits fighting on the side of Parliament during the English Civil War and later as General-at-Sea in wars against both the Dutch and Spanish.Once inside the museum there is a choice of galleries, each reflecting a different aspect of life, past and present, in and around Bridgwater. The Museum runs an active programme of events and special activities throughout the year, including special activities for children during school holidays..........

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