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Lower Severalls Gardens and Nursery in England

.      Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Tel: 44(0) 1460 73234
E-Mail: mary@lowerseveralls.co.uk

Welcome to Lower Severalls, an enchanting garden and nursery set in the rolling hills of South Somerset in England, an area well known for the quality of it's gardens. The area has long had a tradition of market gardening and the word 'nursery' (noresire) was used just up the road in the village of Merriott in the 14th century. The name 'Severalls' apparently refers to the land being partitioned into enclosures and was one of the first areas to be so divided in England. There has been a dwelling on the site at Severalls since the 14th century, but in 1727 a certain Robert Webb commissioned the building of a very fine hamstone farmhouse, which is today the home of the Pring family. They have farmed and gardened there since 1929. Generally, farming and gardening are occupations that do not go together, but when Howard retired from farming about 14 years ago gardening became his all-consuming passion. He masterminded the development of a field in front of the farmhouse garden and introduced lots of innovative design ideas. Perhaps the gardens most impressive feature is the Dogwood basket with a circular hedge of dogwood and a long low arch stretching across it to form the handle of the basket. Inside there is a succession of display, such as Tulips and Forget-me-nots, followed by Coreopsis, Leucanthemums and Sisyrinchium. The garden is now run by Howards and Audrey's daughter, Mary who started the nursery in 1985. The garden continues to mature and develop a unique character. Mike and Mary designed and built a new feature in 2003, a green roofed octagonal building. A combination of architectural styles have been incorporated in a new green roofed structure at Lower Severalls. What to call it? A pavilion, a summerhouse, a folly. That's the question. It's function is clear, it provides a focus of interest where there was once an old Horsechestnut, a beautiful tree in it's time but finally came to the end of it's life two years ago, despite the efforts of Fred the Scarecrow propped up against it, the inevitable couldn't be stopped and the tree had to be felled in 2002. Mike and Mary have designed and constructed an Octagonal building with a "green roof". Green roofs are nothing new, they have been used in Scandinavia and Scotland for centuries usually using turf, great for insulation, is weatherproof and cheap. Now we see a resurgence in the use of green roofs for environmental reasons particularly in Germany. We chose Sedum as it is extremely drought resistant and requires very little maintenance or substrate to grow in, it is also very quick to cover forming an evergreen mat of foliage. It flowers too, with pink or yellow stars. We have about 5 or 6 different varietieswhich form a tapestry of colour and foliage. The building provides a place to shelter, to sit and watch the birds and butterflies, to meditate. Mary also plans to use the building for musical events in the summer, after all it does look a bit like a bandstand..........

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